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7 Days To A Better Brain

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Imagine Feeling This Good

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Feel less stressed out

Make healthy food choices

Love yourself again

Have and exude tons of confidence and charisma

Have the energy and endurance you used to have

Be able to participate in sports again

Have the ability to focus & concentrate again

Own a renewed sense of healing

Desire to engage and socialize with friends

Suffer from less brain fog

Experience deeper sleep and wake up feeling refreshed

Be able to function and excel at school or work

Live life at your best level

…..being fully Brain Optimized for an awesome life!

Living a stress free life is easy - all it takes is your commitment to “7 Days to A Better Brain”

Our “7 Days To A Better Brain Program” does just that. It is a done for you simple system, ready for you to take charge, implement and see results. The course is delivered to you via email and it is ready to begin. All it needs is for you to press the start button. Are you ready...

You can change this negative pattern of stress for a healthier brain

Did you know?

Your Autonomic nerve system runs the show behind the scenes

We learn how to deal with stress at a young age

The sympathetic part of your nerve systems is called “Fight or Flight” and tells your body just to survive and fight off the bears and lions. Long term activation leas to exhaustion, stress and body systems shutting down 

The parasympathetic part of your nerve system is the “ Rest and Digest”. This is the zone of healing, repair, regeneration, thrival and reserve.

After years of stress it feels like you are stuck in “ Fight or Flight” all the time.

Stress starts young with the overuse of screens and devices. Our children are suffering and starting these negative brain habits. 

Change needs to happen to get out of this exhaustive pattern...we have created our course as the solution.

Layers of Trauma


 falls, bumps, car accidents, workplace injuries, sporting accidents, repetitive strains and sprains, lifting, sitting.


PTSD, high stress job, abusive relationship, family issues, fears, frustrations, finances, failures.


drugs, pills, alcohol, lifestyle habits, exposures to air, food, water ,toxins.


screen time, multiple devices, ipad, handheld, gaming system, constant notifications, constant connection.

Why Dr. Laura and Ashley are so passionate about YOUR brain?

The concept of repair and regeneration is important to Dr. Laura after seeing patients in the clinical setting for 14 years suffer with brain based conditions, stress overwhelm and drastic life implications. People are searching for help, hope and a top down, brain based approach to healing.

This is important to Ashley as a young girl she watched her father suffer from a car accident in which he was left in a coma for several days after. At the time there was very little known about how such a devastating blow would affect his brain and his personality. The frontal lobe injury left him unable to connect emotionally with the children and gave him the inability to make proper decisions.

This was us a few short years ago, both independently having to overcome obstacles.

Loss of business


Traumatic delivery of child

Family health complications

Abusive relationships

Mental health issues

Job loss

Family dynamics

This is us today

Successful business owners

Thriving entrepreneurs

Leaders in community

Educators in our separate fields

Living lives full of purpose, passion and in pursuit of helping others just like you

What you will get

7 day e-course

A Daily unique topic focusing on brain health

Morning meditation for positivity, clarity and perseverance

Evening meditation for pure radiant health

Done for your guides, templates, manuals, PDF’s

7 Instructional videos

A uniquely designed ladder system of implementation for an easy to follow end result

Rinse and repeat cycle creating long lasting behavioural and belief changes

The 7 Days to a Better Brain Course

Praise For Our Program

“I Have My Boy Back”

“ Our boy was suffering for 18 months with brain based challenges that lead to withdrawl, social isolation, depression, constant headaches, not sleeping or eating properly and overall poor choices. After following the program we have our boy back, we do things as a family, he is back in school and engaging in sports, socializing and planning a bright, happy future”

“I Have More Control Over My Seizures”

“The breathing techniques help me deal with the stress of life. Stress is the source of my seizures. I really find this program tremendously beneficial at decreasing my overall stress level and optimizing my health. When i get in stressful situations i remember the techniques we practice and they really help get me through it. “

“My Connection With My Body, Brain and Others Is Back”

“I used to be known for my memory, since my accident everything changed. My life was upside down and I lost me. Going through the program i have noticed I am regaining my balance, my head no longer feels like it is spinning and my memory has been returning. My family has noticed positive changes”

Yes i want these changes too

Getting A Better Brain Is As Easy As Saying Yes To Our “ 7 Days To A Better Brain” Program

Day 1. Behaviour and Your Brain

Day 2. Breathing and Your Brain

Day 3. Journaling and Your Brain

Day 4. Planning and Your Brain

Day 5. Balance and Your Brain

Day 6. The Heart and Your Brain

Day 7. The Gut and Your Brain

 I Am Ready to Experience A Better Brain Starting Today for ONLY $29.00

$497.00   $ 29.00

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How will the course be delivered ?

Each day for 7 days we will be in you “ inbox”.

Do I have to do the course all at once ?

It is best to follow each unique days instruction and implementation sequentially. You do not have to. You can wait a few days in between ( or as long as you would like) to initiate and pull the trigger. Knowing you will have all the resources for later consideration.

Will my life change over night ?

When the lens through which we look changes the things we look at change. It may take time. It may be gradual. Frequency, repetition, desire and motivation are key.